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At Little Guy Press you don’t have to settle for a basic pre-made graphic outline. We will build your graphic designs tailored to your specific needs by utilizing our parent company Sharkey Graphic Solutions, under the same roof. As a bonus we will store all of your graphic files indefinitely using our state of the art 16T Drobo redundancy back up file storage system, and at no extra cost to you. Since our graphic design company also provides graphic design services for other local printers and print brokers we may have already worked on your files without you even knowing it.

Custom Graphics

Services Available

New Logo Creation

We will work with you to create a logo that is tailored to your business as well as your personal taste. Once you are completely satisfied with the final result we can convert your logo to all formats needed for all situations including web use as well as any printing formats.

KAESER Click to enlarge Town of Casco


If you have an existing logo that needs to be rebuilt to its original quality we can do that too, or even make changes you’ve been wanting to have done.

Notice how we can take a low resolution image and make it into something that you are proud to have printed.

Vector Recreation

Some types of printing require vector artwork so your dot images or "Continuous Tones" cannot be used for this purpose. This is where we come in by redrawing your jpg or tif file in Adobe Illustrator to get the vector file you need.

Preflight Inspection Report

Full Preflighting Services

If you supply your own graphic files we will completely preflight them to assure problem free printing. If we find any digital file issues we will usually fix them without passing on extra costs to you for this service. If the issue (or issues) are extensive we will contact you in a timely manner to provide you with a detailed description of the problems, what we will need to do to correct the issue and any extra costs which will be incurred to correct the problem. We will always contact you first before performing extra work which would incur extra costs above and beyond your original quote.


File Format Conversion Service

File Format Conversion Service

We appreciate your need for consistency between your printed marketing material and your web media. If you choose Little Guy Press, we are always happy to convert your digital print ready files to web ready files for your web site or other online media, and we will do this at a surprisingly reasonable price, and often for free as a “Thank You” for doing business with us. By doing this it will assure consistency between what you have printed and what you will post on your web site. This will also significantly reduce your overall costs since your web designer will not have to go through the process of trying to recreate what has already been created. This is just one example of how Little Guy Press wants to make life as easy as possible to our valued customers.


Trans-promotional Designing

Trans-promotional Designing

Transpromotional designs are small full color seasonal and targeted ads, which are usually placed in the upper right hand corner of billing statements. These ads are typically used on Oil Delivery Invoices, Cable Bills and Hospital Bills.

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Fillable PDFs

Fillable PDFs

If you are looking for an alternative option to filling out paperwork by hand, internally or by your clients, consider using Fillable PDF Forms”. We can create Fillable PDF Forms that can be filled out, saved and emailed back to you on regular PC computers as well as Macs. The only software needed to complete these forms is Acrobat Reader Version 5 or higher, which is loaded on almost every computer in use today. These forms can be very basic and simple to extremely complex with automatically calculating mathematical fields. Try this one as an example of how this works.


Interactive PDFs w/ Page Turn, Internal & External Links

Interactive PDFs

We can take your books and make them into a web ready file which can have flip pages and built in internal and external links. This can be a great feature when you would like to post a link to your book or manual on your web site. Experiment with the sample shown to see how it works. Grab the corner of the pages to see how they turn. Click on the table of contents articles and watch it go to that page.


Specialty Graphic Services

We can create graphic designs for just about anything you need printed from business cards to Books.

If you don’t see what you are looking for on our site contact us and let us know what you need. Chances are we can create anything you need.


Photo Restoration & Manipulation

We can take your old or damaged photos and restore them back to something of beauty and far superior to what you might think. This can make a great gift to family members for holidays or birthdays.

Before Restoration After Restoration

Before RestorationAfter Restoration

We can also work magic when it comes to photo manipulation. Remove telephone lines from a photo, Take some weight off your picture, etc. The possibilities are endless so contact us today and we discuss your ideas.


Full Bar Coding Capabilities

EAN13, EAN8, UPC A, UPC E, UPC Coupon, ITF UPC Shipping (SCC-14), Code 39 Code 25 Codabar, Code 93, I Telepen Code 128 !, EAN 128 (GS1-128), Pharma Code, Pharma Code (Multi Part), Two-Track Pharma Code, Binary Code, DataBar (RSS) 14, DataBar (RSS) Limited, DataBar (RSS) Expanded, GSl Coupon, PDF417, Micro PDF417, Data Matrix, GSl Data Matrix, 2D-Pharmacode, QR Code, QR Micro Code, Glaxo Smith Kline, GlaxoWellcome Pharma: GW Dartford Codes, GWEAN 13, GW EAN 8, GW Belgian MSI, GW German PZN Code 39, GW Portuguese Code 39, GW Dutch Code 39, ISBN Bar Codes: ISBN 13, ISBN (EAN), ISBN 13 (Bookland), ISBN (Bookland), ISBN 13 (Price Point), ISBN (Price Point) ISBN 13 (Item Specific), ISBN (Item Specific), ISBN TSO, ISSN, ISMN, I SAN, SISAC, M&S 7, Wickes 8, Woolworth 8, ASDA 8, ASDA 13, Novartis Pharma, PZN Pharma, IMH Code 32, MSI Code, Kurandt Code, Plessey Code IKS, Samsung PDF417, Hex Input PDF417, Hex Input Micro PDF417, Hex Input DataMatrix, UID DataMatrix, Four State, Zip + 4 Postnet, FIM


QR Codes widely used for internet marketing

QR Codes

QR Codes can provide the general public with an easy way to obtain specific information about your company using their mobile device. This allows you to draw in a huge amount of business that you may never see otheriwse. QR codes can be used to bring up your telephone number, display informative text, open a digital business card or route your prospective client to any web address of your choosing. Consider using CR Codes as an important piece of your marketing stragedy. Check out the example shown using your QR Reader app on your smart phone, and start imagining how this could work for you.


Zip + 4 Postnet FIM

Zip + 4 Postnet FIM

For more details and examples of our graphic design capabilities, visit our parent company, Sharkey Graphic Solutions today!

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