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Little Guy Press is a great source for all of your books, calendars, newsletters and any other type of book that you may need.

Whether large or small, we can design, print and deliver all of your Hard Cover Books, Perfect Bound Books, Saddle Stitched Books, Spiral Books, Annual Reports and so on in a timely manner and at a competitive price. Let us impress you with our knowledgeable customer service department as well as our high quality graphic work. After you receive your books we are confident that you may never call anyone else again for your printing needs. For books that are a cut above the rest, call Little Guy Press today.

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Yes We Can!

Special situations don’t upset us. We can work with almost any graphic file type that you have at any stage of the book building process. See just a few examples below of many common frustrating situations that are a “walk in the park” for Little Guy Press.

Your old designer or printer will not surrender the working digital files for your last book. What do you do now?

LGP: No problem! We can take the PDF or even the book you printed last time and work from that to recreate your book in a cost effective manner and make any changes needed as well. It makes no difference to us what type of book you are printing and binding. Perfect Bound Books, Hardcover Books, Saddle Bound Book, Digests, Catalogs, Spiral Bound Books and Magazines as well as many other Book types are all equally accepted here at Little Guy Press.

Little Guy Press will never hold any of your files hostage. Even if you need them 10 years from now, all that it takes to get your hands on them is an email or phone call. We also keep them safely stored on back up hard drives at an off-site location in a bank safety deposit box, and we store them indefinitely at no additional cost to you. We will never store your digital files online or through any online storage service despite their cost effectiveness.

All that you have are typed sheets or manuscripts, but your don’t have any digital book files and you’re not sure what to do next.

LGP: No problem! We are happy to take the copy you have from the typed sheets that you have through to completion of a professional book that will completely meet your vision in every way.

You have completed your new book layout, but you do not have the graphic design programs that you need to give it that truly special look that you have in mind.

LGP: No problem! With our state of the art graphic programs including but not limited to Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat and QuarkXPress, we can work with you to obtain exactly what you are after, from proper book pagination, book layout, consistent margins and folio placement to many other important details such as proper bleeds and formatting.

You can handle the printing costs, but your budget does not allow for all of the graphic work and preparation.

LGP: Not necessarily a problem! We will do everything we can to work within your budget, by giving you our professional guidance and assistance to produce your own book files as well as many other cost saving suggestions.

Little Guy Press will always make the time to talk with you on every aspect of your printing project. Give us a call today and explore your vision with us. We look forward to hearing from you!