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By choosing Little Guy Press you can expect a level of technology and security that far exceeds almost every printer in Central & Southern Maine. Not only do we pride ourselves on staying current with new products and innovations, but we also partner with trade only printers who share our philosophy as well.

Technically Speaking....

Security & Safety

Burglary Protection:

Our facility is equipped with 24 Hour Video Surveillance as well as a state of the art security system for any unexpected possible break-in attempts.

File Protection:

All client files are handled through a Mac based Server and continuously backed up on an in-house 12 Terabyte Drobo Media Storage Device with Multi-Drive Redundancy. By choosing LGP, all of your precious files are stored on site and indefinitely at no extra cost to you. Since we consider ourselves personally responsible for the safety and well being of all of your graphic related information and files, we DO NOT make use of the cloud for any outside storage services despite their financial practicality. Yes, we may be a bit extreme when it comes to protecting your data and some would even say “Over the top” in this area, but we feel that no expense is too great to be able to promise you that we can be counted on and completely and trusted with all of your digital media.

Computers & Software

We have 3 Macs & 4 PCs in our facility supported by a T-10/100/1000 gigabit network. If one of our computers should go down this will never affect our workflow as we have other computers fully loaded with the same software which allows us to seamlessly move over to if needed. This assures that your job will always stay right on schedule without any excuses or delays. All 7 of our work stations have APC Backups which are all configured to each computer at each work station. This ensures that any power interruption or outage will not damage any of our sensitive electronics or computers. During outages each computer will run for about an hour and safely shut down roughly one hour after the power has gone out, which is when the battery back-ups life run down on power. As you can see, we have taken great care to do everything possible to assure that we can keep running smoothly no matter what happens, but if something does happen beyond our control we have “MacSmith“, which we consider to be the best Mac IT company in the area on call for anything unpredictable that may occur.

In addition to our computers, we also have all of our monitors on APC Backups as well. In a never ending effort to control quality, all of our graphic monitors a regularly calibrated using “state of the art” X-Rite Display Pro color calibration equipment.

Program Capabilities:

We intentionally keep an older Mac and an older PC on line for the purpose of running several older programs, which allows us to accept older files that no one else will accept, and refuse to work with. We have one of the largest program capabilities list from old to new of anyone else around. See the drop down list of our graphic program on the right side of this page.


Little Guy Press does a limited amount of printing in-house, as we partner with several local “Trade Only” printers who do not sell to the public. This allows us to work with the absolute best printer for the specific product requested, bringing you the highest quality product possible for a surprisingly competitive price. We do also go out of state for some specific products when necessary, however, we will always partner with local printers when ever possible. This decision was made a couple of years ago in the interest of providing higher quality printed products at much more competitive pricing that had previously been offered. If you have already been doing business with Little Guy Press for several years, you have probably already noticed the increase in quality and service and a decrease in your costs. If you have not worked with Little Guy Press previously, please give us a try, and see for yourself how we have raised the bar with your local printing options.