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In addition to labels, Little Guy Press brings you Tags in all sizes and colors.

Single Tags

Little Guy Press also provides Fire Tags and Fire Extinguisher Tags (standard monthly, annual, or synthetic tags). Also available are manifold, continuous, and hanging tags with attachments such as wire or elastic. All four patches are available on Single Tags but only the 1/4″-9/16″ is available for Manifold Tags.

Standard Punches and Patches:

We utilize the standard 13pt red fiber.


Double Wire: 26 gauge, 12”
Double Wire: 26 gauge, 12”
Looped String: #5
Looped String: #5
Knotted String: #5
Knotted String: #5
Knotted Elastic


There are ten standard sizes of tags throughout the industry.

Paper Weight Conversion:

100# = 7pt Index
125# = 10pt uncoated tag stock
150# = 10pt coated tag stock
175# = 13pt coated tag stock
200# = 15pt coated tag stock

Manifold Tags

Flaps (Multiple parts):

Up to 3 bond & carbon or carbonless flaps available.

Continuous Tags


Pinfed tags for dot matrix printing.

Thermal Transfer:

Thermal transfer tags to be imprinted by the end user.

Select paper and synthetic materials available.

Below are samples of some of the Tags that we have created, and can also create for you!