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Oil / Energy

Little Guy Press can design, print and deliver all of your business forms. We provide Continuous Forms as well as Cut Sheet Forms with a multitude of feature combinations. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please talk with one of our sales associates today as we offer much more than we can possibly display.

We can duplicate any of your existing forms to perfection. All that we require is either a physical sample, a scan, or a PDF file of your original form.

Little Guy Press can also provide Checks, Deposit Slips and Envelopes for 3 per page, laser, manual, or one write systems.

In addition to all of the internal office forms needed, oil, gas and energy suppliers use a variety of invoice types for their customers. Just some of these invoice types include: Service Invoices, Budget Invoices, Non-Budget Invoices, Pre-Pay Invoices, Delivery Invoices and Price Protection Invoices.

Little Guy Press with Sharkey Graphic Solutions (our parent company) are experts at designing every type of invoice or statement that you may need, as well as transpromotional advertising for them. We know how to design all of these products to your specific taste, as well as meeting all of the software and equipment requirements that will print the variable data when billing each individual customer.

LGP also partners with the very best billing and mailing companies in the business; so if your billing and mailing needs exceeds our capabilities, you can be sure that we will connect you with a secondary company that we know can handle the job efficiently and professionally.

Statements and Invoices

With or without transpromotional marketing.

Other Forms

Other Forms
Customizable for your specific needs.