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Legal Folders

Pocket folders, Legal Folders give your company a very professional way of grouping paperwork and marketing material together in one package complimented with your business card in the inside pocket. This gives you a great first impression to those clients where a second impression is just too late. Consider having pocket folders available for your marketing department to add that extra touch of class to your marketing strategy.

There are a huge variety of options available for pocket folders which include over all size, different sized interior flaps, business card slits, CD slits, special die cuts and so on. When ordering pocket folders, please be sure to explain your specific requirements, so call Little Guy Press today!

Legal sized Pocket Folders are great for legal sized documents and contracts. These folders work great for Auto Sales Contracts, Security Contracts, Tax Returns, Mortgage Contracts and a variety of other types of Legal Documents.

9 x 12 (2-Panel)
9 x 12 (3-Panel)
9½ x 14
4 x 9
Die Window Folders
Reinforced Edge Folders
Tax Folders
Card Folders

Business Card Slits
CD Slits
Key Slits
Badge Slits
Specialty Slits
Several Stock Options are Available upon request.

4 Color Process Colors
Spot Pantone Colors
Metallic Colors
Foil Stamps
Spot Gloss & Dull Varnish
UV Coating

9½  x 14½  w/Rounded Corners and two 4½” Pockets
9½  x 14½  w/Rounded Corners and two 3” Pockets
9  x 14½     w/Rounded Corners and one 6” Left Pocket
9½  x 14½  w/Rounded Corners and one 3” Right Pocket
9½  x 14½  two 4½” Pockets and up to 3/8” thickness expandability
9½  x 14½  w/standard left pocket & one 5” deep Vertical Right Pockets
9½  x 14½  w/ two 4½” Pockets & 4½” flap off the back cover
9½  x 14½  w/Rounded Corners and two 3” Pockets
9 7/8  x 14½  w/4¼” expandable v-split
9¾   x 14½  w/ 4½” Pockets & Reinforced Edges

*Standard sizes shown above.
Several other complex Pocket Folder options are
available upon request.
*Remember to specify Business Card slot
requirements when ordering.