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Foreign Language Graphics

Foreign Language Graphics

With the exception of “Traditional Chinese”, Little Guy Press can now take your Microsoft Word documents, Indesign Files, Illustrator Files, Quark Files and Mac Pages in almost any major language including back flowing languages such as “Arabic” and create your brochures, sell sheets, books, menus and most other printed products from start to finish. Utilizing the graphic services of our parent company “Sharkey Graphic Solutions”, Little Guy Press has the software and expertise to handle foreign language documents at a surprisingly competitive price and do so in an extremely efficient manner.

Please see the two sets of tri-fold brochure examples below, which demonstrate what we have created for a couple of our clients to meet their foreign language design and/or printing needs. For more information and several more examples of our foreign language capabilities, please visit our parent site at Sharkey Graphic Solutions.

English, French ,Spanish, Portuguese, Farsi, Somali, Arabic

English, Spanish, Bosnian, Somali, Arabic, Vietnamese