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One-Write Checks

Little Guy Press is your source for all of your individual office banking needs!

We supply all business check styles including but not limited to Printed Software Compatible Laser voucher Checks, Manual Checks, Business Deposit Tickets, Compact Deskbook Checks, Travel Convenience Checks, Executive Deskbook Checks and One-Write Checks for McBee and Safeguard with compatible Pegboards.

We also offer manual or laser deposit tickets and double window envelopes for most laser checks.

Quality Printed, Affordable, Fast Turn-around delivery

Little Guy Press provides One Write System Business Checks including compatible Mcbee Business Checks and Safeguard Business Checks, so if you need McBee Pegboard Checks or Safeguard Pegboard Checks give us a call. Many companies are no longer offering pegboard supplies, One Write System Checks and those who still do, are often doing so at inflated pricing. At Little guy Press Pegboard Checks are our specialty and we sell them at competitive pricing! Be sure to ask about our various pegboard supplies when you call.

Style: One-Write compatible pegboard checks
McBee or Safeguard compatible
No. Parts:
One or two
Overall Size:
Shingled in 25's; Size varies
Check Size:
Varies by format and style. A variety of writing lines and remittance boxes available.
24lb. MOCR Bond, white; 2nd part - 17lb white self-contained
Laser-safe colored PMS pantograph inks w/ digitally offset black MICR ink
Original Document Standard Security Screen; #9 cool gray ink.
Wax-spot black carbon writing transfer strip.
One vertical at stub
Shingled in 25's standard. Shipped shrink-wrapped for protection.
Pegboards available in blue, green, brown & black.
Shingling in 20's available upon request; $5.00 additional charge.
Minimum Six standard security features.
EB13 Optimized font, black ink. Static and consecutive numbering.
Six position standard. No limit to alpha or numeric prefixes, black ink.
Six line maximum imprint; no font limitations. No charge composition.
B&W logos at no additional charge.
Pantographs Available:
MB - Brick blue, green, gray & gold
SG - Marble blue, green, rose & gold
Additional Charges:
Shipping & State taxes
McBee holes
Safeguard compatible
one-write remittance boxes
One-Write Remittance Box Choices
One-Write Remittance Box Choices
One-Write Remittance Box Choices
one-write book

Pegboards Available:

McBee Style: Navy Blue, Black, Brown
Safeguard Style: Navy Blue, Black, Brown, Green
Journals: Available for some One-Write checks in packages of 50 or 100

Pegboard - One write system checks

Compatible with all Deluxe®, Nebs®, McBee® & Safeguard® round hole formats. Duplicate checks available.

One-Write Replacement Program

To better serve our clients Little Guy Press now offers a One-Write Replacement Program.

If you are using a hole punch system other than our standard round hole punch we will provide you with a replacement pegboard and 20 journal sheets for a nominal additional charge.

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