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Laser Checks

Little Guy Press is your source for all of your Laser checks and individual office banking needs!

We supply all business check styles including but not limited to Printed Software Compatible Laser voucher Checks, Manual Checks, Business Deposit Tickets, Compact Deskbook Checks, Travel Convenience Checks, Executive Deskbook Checks and One-Write Checks for McBee and Safeguard with compatible Pegboards.

We also offer manual or laser deposit tickets and double window envelopes for most laser checks.

100% Software Compatible Guarantee

Consider choosing Little Guy Press to provide your Laser Checks, and do so knowing that all of your Laser Check information is stored internally, and backed up weekly at a local bank safety deposit. This means that we never lose your files nor run the risk of cyber theft by storing ANY of your information online. Our laser check software compatibility guide is always up to date.

Our Business Laser Checks are digitally printed for increased accuracy and quality then Shrink wrapped for protection.

LGP offers Sheet Sized Laser Checks as well as Wallet Sized Laser Checks as listed below, and an extensive pantograph and color selections for our Laser Printed Checks. Check out our Preview Chooser at the bottom of this page.

Style: Standard business laser check
LV1 - Single standard software compatible check with two vouchers for permanent record
LC3 - Three standard software compatible checks to a page
LW3 -Three wallet-sized checks to a page with stub for permanent record
No. Parts:
LV1 - One, two or three parts (2nd and 3rd part stock are 24# canary and pink)
LC3 & LW3 - One part only
Overall Size:
8.5" x 11"
Check Size:
LV1 & LC3 - 8.5" x 3.5" actual check size
LW3 - 6" x 2 13/16" actual check size
Check Location:
LV1 - Top, middle or bottom
LC3 & LW3 - 3 per sheet
24lb. MOCR Bond, white; long grain
Laser-safe colored PMS pantograph inks w/ digitally offset black MICR ink imprints
Original Document Standard Security Screen; #9 cool gray ink
Micro-perforations are at 3.5 & 7 inches
Loose. Shipped shrink-wrapped for protection; lots of 250.
Minimum Six standard security features.
EB13 Optimized font, black ink. Static and Consecutive included.
LV1 - Three position standard. No limit to alpha or numeric prefixes. Black micr ink.
LC3 & LW3 - One per check. No limit to alpha or numeric prefixes. Black micr ink.
Six line maximum imprint; no font limitations. No charge composition.
B&W logos at no additional charge.
Software Compatibility:
Guaranteed compatible with specified software.
Pantographs Available:
Additional Charges:
Shipping & State taxes
Check Reference
Check Reference
Check Colors
Check Colors
Pantographs available
Pantographs available
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Check Orientation

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