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Working Towards a Sustainable Future!

Most of us truly care about the future and leaving behind a healthy and sustainable world for our children and future generations to follow, but where do we begin?

If you own a small business like us, then you already know that it may be financially and logistically impossible to go completely green overnight, and still be able to maintain a profitable company. Thus, many of us try not to think about it at all with feelings of deep regret in doing so.

At Little Guy Press, we know that we’re not capable of going completely green over night, but we are doing everything in our power to work towards a greener and sustainable future, and hope that all of you may consider doing the same. If every business were to make a conscientious effort towards reaching this goal, then you can imagine the positive impact that this could make to our world.

Below is a list of just a few examples of our ongoing earth-friendly efforts at Little Guy Press…

1. We drive hybrid vehicles for most of our deliveries. By doing so we consume roughly half as much gas as other vehicles with the same carrying capacity. This not only means half of the carbon emissions, but half of the cost in gas as well making this decision a win for our planet as well as a win for us. For more information about these types of vehicles visit: https://scholars.org/brief/hybrid-cars-do-well-assessments-environmental-impact-urban-vehicles.

2. We use only eco-friendly soy based inks on all of our offset printing jobs. https://www.psprint.com/resources/soy-based-inks-vs-petroleum-based-inks/. We also print on recycled paper whenever we can do so without sacrificing product quality.

Soy ink
Reuse boxes

3. Whenever the product size allows, we are reusing our copier paper boxes and other sized boxes for packaging finished products going out to our clients, and we recycle all other cardboard that we cannot reuse. Even though this does require some extra storage area, it also saves on the cost of buying new boxes. We also recycle all of our plastic, glass and tin.


4. We have recently converted all of our lighting to LED. This seems like a small thing, but after seeing the proof of the savings in electrical usage as well as electrical cost, it becomes more substantial than one might think. See the chart below for a great reference in regard to this.

LED bulbs
Cost comparison

5. At Little Guy Press, we keep all of our equipment well maintained. Regular maintenance reduces energy and saves repair costs and expensive down time. For more information visit: https://www.fiixsoftware.com/blog/5-ways-to-reduce-energy-with-good-maintenance/


6. In closing, consider providing free water (water dispensers) to your employees, if you don’t already. It’s one of the more affordable benefits and helps to keep your employees healthier by encouraging them to drink more water and less soda. It also saves on the amount of cans and plastic bottles going into our landfills and oceans. If you make this small change, first make a note of how many cans and bottles you are disposing of before verses after. We certainly noticed the difference and we are confident that you will as well.

Bottled water

By doing business with Little Guy Press you can have the peace of mind of knowing that that you are working with an environmentally conscience company who truly cares about the well-being of you and our planet.

Spread the word about eco-friendly ways of doing business and try to do your part whenever you can.

-Craig Sharkey
Little Guy Press