Tips and Techniques

Exporting PDFs with Bleeds from Adobe InDesign
When creating a bleed job in InDesign, be sure to carefully look at your “Marks & Bleeds” settings when exporting it to a print ready PDF or you may not end up with a full 1/8 bleed, even though your InDesign document settings were set up that way. More specifically, your crop marks will be placed about 1/16” into your bleeds therefor giving you a true 1/16” bleed instead of a full 1/8” bleed as intended. This occurs because the Adobe default for the offset for crop marks is .0833”. See Figure “A”.

12-Figure  A


The Solution
When exporting a bleed job from Adobe InDesign to a print ready PDFs be sure to change the “Offset” in the “Marks & Bleeds” window from .0833” to .1667” which will place your crop marks just outside your bleed area giving you a full bleed, and keeping your printer happy as well.
See Figure “B”

12-Figure  B