Tips and Techniques

What does Vector mean, and what’s so great about it? You may have heard the term “Vector Image” when you ask your printer what they need for files. A “vector image” is a mathematically based image as opposed to a “continuous tone” image, which is what your camera takes and is also always used for web graphics.


The Tip

There are several advantages for using vector images when it comes to printing, and I have listed the primary ones below.
1. Vector images are usually much smaller in file size than continuous tone images, such as tiffs or jpegs.
2. A vector image will produce a perfect quality printed product no matter how much the image is enlarged as apposed to a continuous tone image, which will not. This is very important with logos. If you are enlarging your logo to print it on a sign or a vehicle a continuous tone image will never work when it is enlarged.
3. Vector images are very easy to use when printing in a specific color as opposed to 4 color process builds.