Foreign Language Graphics & Printing

Foreign Language Graphics & Printing

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Since LGP’s new ownership we have been receiving several “Thank You’s”.

We have shown only a few of them below, but if you ever feel that we have not met your expectations in any way, we also want to hear about that as well so that we may have the opportunity to make things right. Little Guy Press always appreciates hearing all of your feedback so that we know where we are succeeding as well as where we may have room for improvement.


Lisa Bess

Lisa Bess

Hartford's Forklift

Hartford's Forklift

Groovy Judes

Groovy Judes

Rowe Auburn

Rowe Auburn

Robbins Construction

Robbins Construction

Earle's Heating Oil

Earle's Heating Oil

City of South Portland

City of South Portland

Jay lawrence

Jay lawrence

City of Portland

City of Portland

High Tech Fire propection

High Tech Fire propection

By choosing Little Guy Press you can expect a level of technology and security that far exceeds almost every printer in Central & Southern Maine. Not only do we pride ourselves on staying current with new products and innovations, but we also partner with trade only printers who share our philosophy as well.

Technically Speaking....

Security & Safety

Burglary Protection:

Our facility is equipped with 24 Hour Video Surveillance as well as a state of the art security system for any unexpected possible break-in attempts.

File Protection:

All client files are handled through a Mac based Server and continuously backed up on an in-house 12 Terabyte Drobo Media Storage Device with Multi-Drive Redundancy. By choosing LGP, all of your precious files are stored on site and indefinitely at no extra cost to you. Since we consider ourselves personally responsible for the safety and well being of all of your graphic related information and files, we DO NOT make use of the cloud for any outside storage services despite their financial practicality. Yes, we may be a bit extreme when it comes to protecting your data and some would even say "Over the top" in this area, but we feel that no expense is too great to be able to promise you that we can be counted on and completely and trusted with all of your digital media.

Computers & Software

We have 3 Macs & 4 PCs in our facility supported by a T-10/100/1000 gigabit network. If one of our computers should go down this will never affect our workflow as we have other computers fully loaded with the same software which allows us to seamlessly move over to if needed. This assures that your job will always stay right on schedule without any excuses or delays. All 7 of our work stations have APC Backups which are all configured to each computer at each work station. This ensures that any power interruption or outage will not damage any of our sensitive electronics or computers. During outages each computer will run for about an hour and safely shut down roughly one hour after the power has gone out, which is when the battery back-ups life run down on power. As you can see, we have taken great care to do everything possible to assure that we can keep running smoothly no matter what happens, but if something does happen beyond our control we have "MacSmith", which we consider to be the best Mac IT company in the area on call for anything unpredictable that may occur.

In addition to our computers, we also have all of our monitors on APC Backups as well. In a never ending effort to control quality, all of our graphic monitors a regularly calibrated using “state of the art” X-Rite Display Pro color calibration equipment.

Program Capabilities:

We intentionally keep an older Mac and an older PC on line for the purpose of running several older programs, which allows us to accept older files that no one else will accept, and refuse to work with. We have one of the largest program capabilities list from old to new of anyone else around. See the drop down list of our graphic program on the right side of this page.


Little Guy Press does a limited amount of printing in-house, as we partner with several local "Trade Only" printers who do not sell to the public. This allows us to work with the absolute best printer for the specific product requested, bringing you the highest quality product possible for a surprisingly competitive price. We do also go out of state for some specific products when necessary, however, we will always partner with local printers when ever possible. This decision was made a couple of years ago in the interest of providing higher quality printed products at much more competitive pricing that had previously been offered. If you have already been doing business with Little Guy Press for several years, you have probably already noticed the increase in quality and service and a decrease in your costs. If you have not worked with Little Guy Press previously, please give us a try, and see for yourself how we have raised the bar with your local printing options.

Little Guy Press...Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Little Guy Press was founded in 1989 by Aaron White on a dream of providing quality printed product and design in a timely fashion to all of the hard-working people in his community.

Under new ownership, we would like to continue that philosophy and grow on it by offering greater design and printing capabilities, more personalized service, and utilize the latest technologies available. This will allow us to provide you with the finest products available and designed to meet all of your needs for today’s competitive markets.

We are now located in Casco, Maine, but we are more convenient for you than ever! We will come to you where ever and whenever you want us. Just give us a call.

Craig - Graphics

Craig Sharkey


Little Guy Press is now owned and operated by Craig Sharkey of Sharkey Graphic Solutions, a locally-owned Maine design firm providing top quality graphic design throughout the area. Craig has over 30 years of printing and graphic experience, working for such companies as Dartmouth Printing, Spencer Press, & Wise Business Forms to name a few, and holding positions in production, prepress & management. If you’re ready to see your designs truly come to life, call Craig today!

Mary - Office manager

Mary Sharkey

Office manager

To ensure customer satisfaction and a flawless transition, Mary Sharkey has assumed the role of office manager, billing person & inside sales coordinator. Mary has over 25 years in the printing business with a background in sales and customer service for such companies as Dartmouth Printing, MPX and Pyramid Checks & Printing. Mary’s friendly personality as well as her vast knowledge of printing, make her a crucial part of our team. Call Mary today and let her put a smile on your face.

When you choose Little Guy Press, you choose the best service in the area that a printer can give and we can prove it!  We will meet with you in person and at your convenience to be sure that we completely understand your needs if that is your preference. We are also available via "SKYPE", phone or by email. We will even make arrangements to meet with you during our off hours if you need us to.
And after the sale we won’t forget about you either. If we deliver your product to you we will make it a point to make every attempt to meet with you and to put your product directly into your hands. Otherwise we will be following up to make sure that you are fully satisfied with what you have received.

What if something goes wrong? Let’s face it. We are all human and mistakes can happen with ANYONE you choose to do business with, but as rare is it is, if it happens with us and it is our fault you won’t receive excuses and you won’t get the typical run around trying to resolve your issue. We’ll make it right no matter what it takes to make it right without argument or denial. Even if the error is not ours, chances are we will still make every attempt to meet somewhere in the middle with you to resolve the issue and make it is painless as we can for you.

Little Guy Press has been around for a long time, but we have come a long way over the past few years in technology, service and quality, so let us prove it to you and give us a shot at your design, printing and delivery. I am confident that you wont be disappointed.

Craig Sharkey, President Free Delivery

We will also provide FREE delivery in Maine to the following locations:

Auburn, Baldwin, Bridgton, Buckfield, Cape Elizabeth, Casco, Cumberland, Durham, Falmouth, Freeport, Gorham, Gray, Greene, Harrison, Hebron, Lewiston, Lisbon, Lisbon Falls, Mechanic Falls, Minot, Naples, New Gloucester, North Windham , North Yarmouth, Otisfield, Oxford, Poland, Portland, Pownal, Raymond, Sabattus, Scarborough, Sebago, South Portland, Standish, Turner, Wales, Westbrook, Windham, and Yarmouth.

But we also provide full service to:

Arrowsic, Bath, Biddeford, Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor, Bowdoin, Bowdoinham, Brunswick, Buxton, Cornish, Dayton, Dresden, Edgecomb, Gardener, Georgetown, Harpswell, Hiram, Hollis, Leeds, Limington, Litchfied, Monmouth, Old Orchard Beach, Parsonsfield, Phippsburg, Porter, Richmond, Saco, Southport, Topsham, West Bath, West Gardiner, Westport, Wiscasset, and Woolwich.

In addition to these areas:

We are now offering our services to New Hampshire towns which include: Alexandria, Bristol, Canaan, Center Harbor, Conway, Cornish, Danbury, Effingham, Enfield, Freedom, Grafton, Hanover, Lebanon, Meriden, Merideth, Moultonborough, New Hampton, Orange, Ossippe, Sandwich, Tamworth, Tuftonboro, and West Lebanon.

Service area maps

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Other printers in Maine and beyond may offer you great quality, but don’t let them fool you into settling for less than what you want. Just because you may be paying top dollar for your design & printing, doesn’t necessarily mean that you are receiving a top quality product. If you’ve been told that the type of printing you want doesn’t exist, or that it’s way too expensive, just try us once and we’ll show you how we rise above our competition when it comes to the quality you expect.

Quality Graphic Design

Unlike other printers we make sure that your artwork is “Grade A” before we print it. Just because your artwork looks great on the web, it may not look great when it’s printed, and we have the expertise to know the difference.  We make sure that the digital files that you supply to us or that we create for you are always perfect and print ready before we proceed with printing. If this means that we need to rebuild your logo or anything else that you supply us with, we will always take the time to do just that. And in the rare case that we are forced to make the choice of delaying your job by a day to insure that the quality of your finished product meets our standards, then that will always be our decision unless you tell us otherwise.

Quality Printing

We insure proper reproduction from design to print by preparing all of our graphics with experienced graphic artists using state of the art Apple computers and Adobe software when ever possible.  We also use high end Apple monitors, which we color calibrate on a regular basis using the latest X-Rite Display Pro color calibration devices. X-Rite continues to be recognized as a leader in digital color control from screen to print.  
These days most printers are cutting a lot of corners in an effort to sell their product based on price alone.  They are doing this by hiring less experienced personnel, eliminating all quality control, and using inferior products. At Little Guy Press, we refuse to cut corners. We cannot promise that a mistake will never occur, but we can promise that we do everything humanly possible to avoid it. Unlike most other printers we proofread everything we create.  Just for laughs, try asking your current printer about their proofreading department and watch them squirm.
We print a small portion of what we supply in house but we also partner with several local “Trade Only” printers that are the best in their specific areas, and we expect nothing less than this by holding them to only the highest standards. This way we can assure that you receive only the best possible quality of printing at a fair price no matter what type of product you may order.
If you are not currently working with Little Guy Press for your designs and printing, but you are very happy with the service and quality you are currently receiving, then please stay with your current printer. Good quality and serve is rare. But if you have concerns about your quality and service, then please consider giving us a call. We can’t wait to impress you with our quality and service!

Quality People

We admit that we are “Typical Mainers” here at LGP and we may not be as polished as our competition, but what we can promise to you is that we are honest, hard working people who are dedicated and committed to providing you with the best product possible and do so at a fair and competitive price.

Quality and Value have become the driving force behind Little Guy Press and we are confident that if you ask any of our current customers they will agree, so just call us today and find out for yourself that there really are still good and honest people out there that do still care about what is more important than just making a buck!

Craig Sharkey, President